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We are passionate about infusing food, creating unique dining experiences, helping your cannabis go further,  and so much more! We infuse our gourmet sauces (see our store for more info) with Young Living edible essential oils and your cannabis. There are many health benefits to ingesting cannabis and essential oils. To start taking advantage of these today visit our store here. 

Our professional services include turning your dried cannabis into budters and oils which you can create your own food with or have us make for you! We offer 5 different gourmet sauces that can be infused with the budters or oils we make, using your cannabis. We also offer a small selection of baked goods/edibles using the budters or oils we make for you.   

Other services we offer include private dinner, tasting and cooking lesson parties, catering, commercial or private kitchen consulting, on-line private cooking lessons and even health transformation sessions. (If info specific to these services are not yet listed in our store, please email us and let us know you are interested!)

Kickstarting creative meals that are delicious, healthy & convenient, is our specialty.


Our customers say they enjoy our gourmet sauces and cooking in the privacy and comfort of their own home.  They also hire us for private dinner and tasting parties. Our hosts receive incentives as a thank you and encouragement to host more parties. It's sort of like a Tupperware party, but way more fun!

Who "We" Are:                  










Owner/ Executive Chef

Owner /Creator 

Kat has over 15 years experience as an entrepreneur and is passionate about informing her clients of various health options available to them as well as shifting mindsets. She is certified in a host of healing modalities, enjoys cooking with Chef J and writing her book, "I AM She."
She has a personal healing story involving some of the ingredients used in JKatering foods.  Now, she wants to share her story and all the information she has learned over the last 15 years, with the world!  In addition to helping Chef J, she is writing a book called "I AM She" and creating transformation sessions using her client's cannabis but also utilizing Reiki, Law of Attraction coaching and other healing modalities. 
Jason has over 20 years experience as an amazing chef. He has held managerial roles and enjoys customizing menus, helping kitchens become more efficient and experimenting with various ingredients. His cooking philosophy is food doesn't have to be fancy to be enjoyed. Creating simple, yet flavourful food is his niche. Our store showcases the main sauces JKatering creates for our customers. In addition, Chef J will be happy to discuss personal menu options with you and can accommodate almost any menu request you would be interested in offering your guests.

Chef J and Kat can't wait to help you Create Your State! 

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