About Us 

Welcome to JKatering (pronounced JayKatering)

We are passionate about infusing food, creating unique dining experiences and educating our customers with info on the infusion we do. We use edible essential oils and other types of infusion, in a selection of our recipes. There are many health benefits to using essential oils, but did you know you can ingest certain ones as well? 

To become a member please go to "Contact us"  and in the message box, please let us know how you heard about us. For example, were you at a dinner or tasting party and received an invite? Did someone refer you and if so, who? It's important to us that we know a little bit about our members/customers. This helps us with customer service, among other things. So, please indulge us and share what has drawn you to wanting access to our "deliciousness- members only page." 

Consumers can purchase our frozen sauces for use in their own private dining areas and are versatile for almost any diet.  Our customers also host dinner and tasting parties, through JKatering.. We have fantastic incentives to host a party, including a % off the host's meal, based on sales and every guest receiving a parting gift.  We also offer other types of catering, please contact us for more info. 

We aim to please and WOW you with our food!  

Meet the Owners:

Executive Chef J has over 20 years experience as an amazing chef. His philosophy is creating simple, yet flavourful food. He enjoys cooking for others and inventing new menus. He will be happy to discuss personal menu options with you and can accommodate almost any menu request you would be interested in offering your guests.

Creator Kat has over 10 years experience as an entrepreneur and is passionate about informing people of various health options available to them. She has a personal healing story involving some of the ingredients used in JKatering foods Now, she wants to share her story and all the information she has learned over the last 15 years, with the world!  


Chef J and Kat combine their passions and offer something special for you! 


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