Frequently asked questions

May Day ~ 1st May

A festival for the children For mayday we sing and dance around the maypole, ringing bells, celebrating with beautiful flowers and the promise of summer.

Ascension Day ~ 39 days after Easter Sunday

A festival for the children

This is a day of renewal where each child brings a picnic. We make bubbles, watching them float, celebrating being closer to the sky with a story and songs.

Whitsun ~ 7 Sundays after Easter

A festival for the children

This is a festival to remind us of the message from the white dove “to speak kind words and to take care of one another.” We make little doves as symbols of peace, wear white clothes and light candles. Whitsun is a quiet festival where we can appreciate our difference yet more importantly the things we share and have in common.

Midsummer - St John's Festival ~ 24th June

A festival for the children The longest day’s of the year. On this day we wear fire colours and play games outside, singing songs and having a story around the fire bowl.

End of Year Festival ~ Last day of the Summer Term

A festival for children and parents

This is a festival to celebrate the whole year. Having a tea party in the garden with our families, sharing a circle time all together and ending with our leavers story to say goodbye to all those who will be moving on.