kat's healing story

Kat has been working in the alternative health field for over 15 years. She began researching the different approaches to health, and healing modalities after her own health began to cause her concern.


Eastern medicine has taught for thousands of years, that all levels of oneself (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual/energetic) are connected when it comes to health. If one aspect isn't well, then ALL levels require attention, in order for healing to occur. Sadly, we are not taught this in Western medicine. 


She discovered energy medicine and became certified in an array of healing modalities such as: Quantum Biofeedback, Usui Reiki, Angel Therapy, Hypnotherapy & Quantum Touch. She changed her diet, became aware of her patterns of thought, learned meditation & yoga.  

She studied the Law of Attraction and tested its 'theory' again and again with stunning results. 

She opened up an alternative health clinic and offered sessions to help her clients. She published an alternative health magazine called OHM - Optimum Health Magazine. Currently, she is writing a book about her experiences and the lessons learned. It's foundation is on the Law of Attraction and how to use it in your life. 

Her passion for self-healing and awareness became her purpose for helping others.  

When it comes to cannabis, and how this story ties in with JKatering - she thought that she would combine all of her professional and personal experience, to offer JKatering clients  personal transformation coaching sessions. These sessions would consist of energy work, LOA coaching and cannabis info/awareness and using oil from cannabis, plants and flowers to apply to reflexology points in her client's feet, to aid in healing. Refer to her Be Free Coaching & Energy Work sessions page here


She occasionally used cannabis recreationally, but then began to research how it could help medicinally. Much to her surprise and relief, she found it to not only help manage some discomfort but also healed certain issues too.


Personally, she discovered the best way to obtain higher absorption in consuming cannabis was to ingest it. This was extremely effective in helping her digestive issues.  She got creative with making budters and baking. And then she met her husband, and he was an executive chef. Together, they decided to help others enjoy cannabis in a unique way, by infusing it into gourmet food. JKatering was born!

There is a lot of misconception about cannabis, and she hopes to change some of that.


-Did you know that cannabis doesn't kill brain cells, but serves as neurological protectants?


-Did you know that it also is an adaptogen which seeks to create balance in our bodies?

Cannabis is an amazing plant, together with energy medicine and Law of Attraction awareness, your ability to heal and enjoy life could be the next big dish we serve up!

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