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Chef Service #6: Tasty Morsels

Chef Service #6: Tasty Morsels

Our customers LOVE our caramels! These melt-in-your-mouth-morsels are available to be made using your cannabis budter. Email us for pricing if you want to use your own made budter, otherwise, our chef services #3 product cost, also applies. 


This tasty morsels package gives you 1.5 cups of budter to use how you like, and 32 caramels to enjoy.  


*We usually make the budter or oil with 7g of your cannabis,.

The THC/CBD mg/servings are calcuated using the approximate % that your cannabis is made with, as noted by your provider. 

For example: if your bud is approximately 18% THC, the above recipes would yield approximately  20 mg THC/CBD per serving.

If you prefer stronger mg's in each serving, either stronger % of THC or 14g of pot is required.