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Chef Service #6

Chef Service #6

Baked Goods/Treats

We are passionate about our sauces, infused budters, oils and catering.

On occasion, we will offer to bake for you as well.

This price DOES NOT reflect the cost of this service, but serves more as an advertisement.


Baking options include:

-Rice Krispie Shapes (2 dozen)

-Chocolate Chip Cookies (2 dozen)

-Banana Loaf


Brownies are available, but with an oil option instead of budter. 


Please let us know if you would be interested in this service by emailing us.


*We usually make the budter or oil with 7g of your cannabis,.

The THC/CBD mg/servings are calcuated using the approximate % that your cannabis is made with, as noted by your provider. 

For example: if your bud is approximately 18% THC, the above recipes would yield approximately  20 mg THC/CBD per serving.

If you prefer stronger mg's in each serving, either stronger % of THC or 14g of pot is required.