Be Free Coaching & Energy Work Sessions 

with Kat

What would YOU like to Be Free from? 

Introducing, “Be Free Coaching & Energy Work” sessions by Kat.

Kat has been passionate about alternative health for over 15 years and recently got back in touch with her intuitive side. She has been certified in a variety of healing modalities and has offered energy work sessions years ago. She has decided that more than ever, what the world needs is more people who can serve others in these ways. Thus, "Be Free" was born. 


Kat offers all of her training and experience in one unique session, which includes Usui Reiki, Quantum Touch, ATP©, Law of Attraction coaching, crystals, plant and (depending on the client), hand-drum medicine! 

Why are her "Be Free" sessions tied in with JKatering? Well, at JKatering we are passionate about infusing food with plant medicine and in her sessions, Kat uses both cannabis and essential oils on her client's feet (reflexology points), in order to help facilitate healing.  Cannabis has definitely helped Kat "Be Free" from a lot of health concerns, but this amazing plant medicine is very complementary to many other health modalities, that Kat thought it was a good fit. 

These sessions are perfect for you if you are open to change and how that change can be facilitated. Everything is energy, and with what quantum physics is now proving, everyone should be excited to realize that they can create ANYTHING they want to! The challenge is we have a lifetime of programming to become aware of, and then consciously and continually re-program.


Each initial assessment/session is 1.5hrs in length. Kat spends 1/2hr reviewing your completed intake form, adding in any intuitive information she receives. She then discusses this at the start of your 1hr session with her.

As a special promo, her initial sessions are ONLY $97 (her regular subsequent session price). Her regular fee for the first session is normally $147.

Did you know that metaphysically, bees represent community, vitality, health, hard-work, prosperity & energy? Seems fitting for what her sessions encompass, especially for these times! 

Be Free Intake Form
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In-shop sessions are available on Monday's, Wednesday's, Friday's & Sunday's at Porcini Shop, in Kensington, Calgary AB.

Contact Kat for more options, if the times above aren't an option. 

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Caitlin, Kat's Daughter